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Football the game of the men, the game which has ruled over a thousand of hearts from past 100 or more years and is still reining them. Football is a game related to kicking the ball and winning the game by scoring the goal. There are two teams in a game and both teams are comprised of eleven players or more than that for replacement purposes. A scaled field is used as a place to play the game. Now to win the game one team has to score goals more than the other team and on the basis of the number of goals scored a winner is declared. There are various other terms associated with this game. Besides these terms there are also some rules on basis of which a game must be played.

The word football actually means kicking a ball. In Europe or rather medieval Europe there were games played by foot played by lower class workers, in this way football has actually originated from these games. So football basically refers to the game which is played on foot. No other evidence or explanation has been ever recorded to show in support of its evolution.

The demand of this game has so evolved that this game is played in every part of the world and is itself of various types now such as five aside football. The best example regarding five aside football is Futsal. Futsal is a FIFA approved football game played between two sides which only has five players to play with. Besides this rugby football is also a well known type of football. Football is also played in Australia and Ireland who plays this game in their own style. Besides these types there a huge number of games which actually are based on football.

Now coming to the history of this game. Basically there were some games played by ancient Greeks and Rome’s by their feet. Well if you are looking for a documentary proof regarding the evolution of this game then you have to check an activity of Chinese military manual Zhan Guo Ce known as cuju. The literal meaning of this activity is ball kicking. Two bamboo sticks were hanged up in the earth 9m above the ground and then ball was kicked and carried into it. Rules were standardized. Then with the passage of time this game flew to neighboring countries such as Japan where it was known as Kemari. A feathered ball was used in cuju games but in kemari an air filled ball was used and net was placed between the bamboo sticks bringing goal posts into consideration.